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Discover Homestay in Shoreditch

The name ‘Shoreditch’ is synonymous with trendy crowds, independent shops and exciting pop-up ventures and events for tourists and residents alike. Well reputed as an arty area of town compared to its neighbour Hoxton, Shoreditch is an inner city East London district and is often referred to in the news, in tourist guides and by bloggers and writers online.

Now part of the inner city, Shoreditch was originally a suburb centred around Shoreditch Church. Since then it has grown exponentially and is now a thriving and bustling area, residentially and commercially. The word “Shoreditchification” is used colloquially to refer to the development of a neighbourhood from run-down and unloved to cool and popular.

Availability can be limited in this area but HFS London has some homestay properties in Shoreditch, so if you like the sound of spending your stay in a real city hot spot, our team can try to find the perfect place for you.

Where is Shoreditch located?

Shoreditch is the epicentre of East London activity and lies within the London Borough of Hackney. The neighbourhood lines are becoming increasingly blurred with expansion, but the postcode is mainly EC2, with some E1 and E2 included around the edges. The historic heart of Shoreditch is Shoreditch High Street and Shoreditch Church, but since changes in the local authority, things are a little less strictly defined. Nearby Hoxton is often referred to as part of Shoreditch.

Shoreditch is just north to the City of London, south of the Colville Estate, east of Bethnal Green and west of Clerkenwell.

What is there to do in Shoreditch?

Whatever you’re into, Shoreditch will have something for you to spend some time on. Don’t plan too heavily for your visit here; just wandering the streets will soon help you discover new gems!

shoreditch street artEnjoy a curry on Brick Lane

Brick Lane is world-famous as the Asian hub of London, and you won’t find a better range of the continent’s cuisine than on this street. Affectionately known as ‘Banglatown’, you’ll find Instagram-worthy graffiti murals that change on a weekly basis, street signs in Bengali and a whole host of pop-up events to cater for every hobby and interest you could have ever considered!

Shop from crates

Box Park is Shoreditch’s make-shift shopping mall, constructed of refilled shipping crates that have been made into individual shops, bars and restaurants. Many brands host special pop-up shops in a crate for a few weeks with exclusive ranges and merchandise. Originally intended as a 5-year pop-up project, Box Park remains today and is a hub for streetwear and street food in the capital.

Brighten up your homestay with Columbia Road blooms

Columbia Road Flower Market is London’s premier flower market and opens every Sunday. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a collection of flowers, shrubs, plants and succulents to rival Columbia Road anywhere else in the UK, so if you’re around on a Sunday, be sure to nip by and pick up your homestay hosts something colourful as a gift.

What transport links does Shoreditch offer?

The central (zone 1) location of Shoreditch makes it ideal for transport in and around London, as well as further afield. It may even be the best-connected district in the capital!

The large Liverpool Street rail station links the area with the South East of England and the London Underground on the Circle, Metropolitan, District, Hammersmith & City and Central lines. The Shoreditch High Street station sits on London Overground, and you’ll find Santander Cycles, taxis and other private transport options all over. The Transport for London infrastructure is impressive here but isn’t always needed – so much central is within walking distance, it may well suit you better to get going by foot!

What’s the typical Homestay accommodation in Shoreditch?

Accommodation in Shoreditch is expensive, due to its popularity, and as a result, most homes are shared by individuals or couples. There are essentially no traditional houses at all in Shoreditch, and you’ll struggle to find much with outdoor or green space attached. Instead, the district is well known for its conversions, make-shift studio spaces and penthouse apartments that are lofty and modern. There are a couple of new-build developments dotted around the neighbourhood, but these are all blocks of flats.

Rents and property prices within Shoreditch have jumped up to 46% in the last couple of years, compared to about 20% in the rest of London, so it’s easy to see why becoming a host family is such a welcome way of earning additional income for many.

What type of People live in Shoreditch?

As a largely gentrified and ‘cool’ place to be, Shoreditch is heaven for hipsters and as a result, its population is largely a young one. Creative people flock here for the studio space and artsy employment opportunities, and its independent venues attract crowds of tourists, paparazzi and the odd celebrity. This isn’t a neighbourhood where you’ll find families (estate agents claim they move on to more reasonably priced and quieter areas as children are planned and/or arrive), but instead young professionals, international renters and those looking to make their ‘big break’ in the capital. Availability of host families in this area can be limited therefore.

Reflecting this are residents of note including Damien Hirst, Noel Fielding, Russell Brand, and, once upon a time, William Shakespeare!

How safe is Shoreditch?

Shoreditch is a very popular area with the young, and with tourists, so you’ll always see other people up, about and on the streets, making the risk of street crime low. The central location of the area means there’s also lots of bobbies-on-the-beat and open retailers/bars/restaurants to duck into should you feel the need to, so it’s a very safe neighbourhood for those staying and visiting.

Find Homestay in Shoreditch

If you are an international student, intern or professional looking for homestay accommodation in Shoreditch or close by, we would love to hear from you.

Become a Host Family

Similarly, if you have a spare room in your Shoreditch home and are interested in hosting international students, please do get in touch with us.