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Please answer all sections of this application form carefully. Please note that all questions marked with '*' are compulsory and must be filled in. As you complete this application you may wish to take notes of anything that you feel needs further clarification. On receipt of the application a member of the HFS London team will then call you to discuss your application in detail. We will require at least 20-25 minutes of your time to do so.

To be eligible to become an HFS London Host Family, you will need to be able to answer 'Yes' to ALL of the below. If you are unable to, please feel free to call us on 020 7510 9920 to discuss further.

For emergencies, HFS London will need at least two contact telephone numbers, preferably a mobile number and either a home or work number. If any of the below does not apply to you, please indicate N/A in the relevant box.

To be able to match students to Host Family, it is important to know about any other people who may from time to time also be in the home (parters, adult children who no longer live at home etc.). Please give further details below, including on average how long they might stay and how often.

Internet Access

Please note that the more flexible you can be in providing different meal packages, the more potential students HFS London will be able to contact you about. For your information, circa 50% of the requests that we receive are for the Half Board 5 Nights and the Half Board 7 Nights and Full Board packages, 30% are for Bed & Continental Breakfast and 20% are for Self Catering. For definitions of individual packages, click here.

Would you be prepared to cater for Homestay guests requesting:

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To complete the registration we will need to organise a Home Visit. Please indicate your general availability below and bear in mind that the more flexible you are, the sooner we will be able to meet:

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