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Homestay for School Trips

London is an incredibly diverse city and attracts visitors from all over the world – including school children from the rest of the UK and beyond. School trips can be very difficult to plan, with suitable accommodation for big groups one of the main problems. Even teenagers and young adults need to be appropriately supervised, and this can be difficult on residential trips when there are multiple rooms.

An international exchange between schools or colleges is a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn about new cultures and traditions. Similarly, London has a fascinating history which attracts educational groups from all over the UK. Catering for these groups of learners can be difficult, but homestay accommodation can tick many of the boxes. If you’re organising a school exchange to London or an educational visit, read on to find out what advantages homestays offer.


Homestays come in all different shapes and sizes, but it’s unlikely that one property will be able to cater for all of the group. However, splitting the group up into different homestays can give the young people a sense of independence. Some properties offer one or more twin rooms so nobody has to stay alone, and we’ll try our best to keep the accommodation as close as possible so the entire group can meet up easily. Rest assured that all of our hosts which accept under 18s have a DBS check and meet other criteria. Sometimes giving students the extra freedom can be a great way to help them build confidence and learn how to think for themselves.

Cultural Experience

Staying in a hotel can be convenient, but it doesn’t usually offer any opportunity to mix with the locals or have an authentic British experience. By choosing a homestay for your school trip, students will be living with a London family – what better way to gain a cultural understanding of Britain? It’s a great way to practice language skills and if you opt for a meal plan, no doubt you’ll get to sample all sorts of cuisine and British treats too. HFS London hosts are super friendly and enjoy the cultural exchange aspect of welcoming international visitors.


HFS London can cater for school groups of all sizes while keeping costs to a minimum. We understand that trips and exchanges can be expensive for students and their families, and offer a range of accommodation types, locations and meal plans to suit all budgets. We are proud to say that our weekly price per person will almost always beat hotel prices in a similar area, and sometimes hostel prices too.

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