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Ways to make money with your home 

If you’re wondering how you can make a little extra cash on the side, then you could be sitting on some serious opportunities right at home. If you own a property, especially in a high demand area, then you could utilise some of your features in order to boost your income. You don’t have to think about selling your home or even re-mortgaging, it’s possible to get other people to contribute to it!

For example, if you have some extra space in your property then you’ll be surprised how much you could make by making it available to hire out. If you have one or more spare bedrooms then you could get a permanent lodger, but you could also rent out rooms on a temporary basis. Read on for some more simple money making ideas to help you earn more cash without doing much at all.

Rent out a room

The most obvious thing to rent out in your home is a bedroom – if it’s large enough for a double bed then you could charge the same as a double room in a B&B. There are quite a few options to get into renting out rooms, including finding a lodger to pay you rent every week or month. Alternatively, you could put your room up for rent on websites to attract tourists on a budget. Another option is to host a foreign student during term time, which is also a great way to make friends for life and learn about other cultures.

Rent out your driveway

If you’re lucky enough to have an unused driveway in a busy area, then you may be able to hire out parking spaces to people working nearby. Car park fees are always on the rise, so it may be possible to find someone who is willing to use your drive instead for a nice price.  Try YourParkingSpace or JustPark to get started.

Rent out your garage

A garage is a very versatile space, and if you could clear yours out then this is another easy way to make some money. People may need storage space, or a place to rehearse with their band. Garages also make great studio spaces, so if you know any local artists or makers they also may wish to hire the convenient space. If you don’t have a great need for your garage then this could be a big money-maker.

Use your home as a film location

If your home meets the criteria, you could register it as a movie location!  Professional agencies like Film Locations and Shoot Factory recruit private homes for film shoots in London.  For the right property, they pay between £500 to £2500 per day.

Who knew there was so much potential to make cash on your doorstep?

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