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Coming to London to live or study for the first time can be daunting – especially for women. As with many other large capital cities, London has some safety concerns and female travellers may wish to be cautious.

There are many reasons why women look for female only accommodation, whether for cultural reasons or just because they prefer female company. Sharing a house, bathroom or even a bedroom with someone of the opposite gender can be uncomfortable – which is why female only accommodation options are becoming more popular.

If you’re moving to London or planning a visit, here are some ways to find short or long term female only accommodation to suit your needs.

Female-only hostels in London

Many hostel providers have recognised the need for female only options, and London has a good selection of hostel accommodation which is strictly girls only. For example, there are no men allowed at St Christopher’s at The Oasis, or Park House Hostel. Many other hostels have started to incorporate female only dorm rooms, to appeal to more travellers.

Homestay accommodation

Staying with a host family has numerous benefits, and of course you will be paired with a host according to your preferences. When booking homestay accommodation you can choose which area of London you would like to live in, and whether you have any other requirements in regards to pets and people in the household. If you would prefer a female only household then you can flag this as a requirement at the booking stage, and you’ll be matched with a suitable host.

Female student housing

If you are looking in particular for student accommodation, some of these facilities are now female only. Queen Elizabeth House is designed with female students in mind, and houses 100 women in single bedrooms with catering included. However student housing in London is never cheap!

Female flat sharing

If you are looking for more permanent accommodation in the city, then you’ll need to search for a room to rent. When browsing adverts for spare rooms online you’ll notice many people request a female housemate, and they usually give details of who you’ll be sharing the property with. However bear in mind that tenants change frequently in London – so you’ll need to have a guarantee that any future tenants will also be female.

Finding female only accommodation in London is fairly easy, as the city welcomes people from all different cultures and backgrounds. Please contact us if you have any worries about sharing accommodation – we’ll help you find your ideal homestay environment.

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  • Sarah Rees says:

    Wonderful post! I’m on my way for my first solo travel to London and I wanted to stay at place where are only women because I’m a little anxious. I will definitely use your tips, thank you for sharing.

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