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Recipes for Homestay Hosts – March

International students staying in homestay placements through HFS London are able to choose from a variety of board options supplied by their host families. The most comprehensive of these is half board, which includes a continental breakfast and a cooked dinner. Of course, though, we appreciate that hosts are busy people and so it’s not always easy to fit in preparing, cooking and enjoying a full meal every night! That’s where the HFS London team come in – we’ve compiled a whole host of quick and easy adaptable recipes that our esteemed hosts use time and time again to fill bellies and hearts; for their families and their guests.

Homestay recipes

Easy Meatballs


Squeeze out some sausages (pork/chicken/veggie – whatever works best for you!) and grate onion and carrots. Mix in a bowl and season, adding in any garlic/herbs you’d like to include. Roll into balls and cook. While your meatballs are cooking you can make up a sauce (or add a pre-made one, for an extra easy option) and some pasta. Enjoy!

Veggie Chilli


Mix a pre-made pack of oven-roasted veg with a tin of chopped tomatoes and a can of kidney beans. Make some rice or quinoa, cook, and serve. It couldn’t be easier. This is usually vegan but you may choose to eat with a sprinkle of cheese on the top… and can always do so with a dairy-free version if required. Spice to taste. You may find your guest has a different spice threshold to yours, so bear that in mind.

Super Easy Chicken Tagine


Fry some chicken and add onion and ginger – it’ll smell great very quickly! Add some water with saffron, honey, turmeric and carrots, and cover. Leave to bubble for half and hour and serve with parsley and lemon. Add some rice if you fancy. No actual tagine required; just a wide pan with a lid!

Mushroom Rogan Josh


Slice onions, smash garlic and cook in a pan. Add in spices and sliced mushrooms (or whole, if they’re little button ones), tinned tomatoes and water. Leave to cook, and serve with rice and/or naans. If you’re not a fan of heat in your food, add in coconut milk to temper out the spices; or if you don’t have any and aren’t dairy-free, a couple of dollops of natural yoghurt.

Cheap Courgette, Tomato and Cheese Gratin


Put your pans away and turn off your oven – this can be made in a microwave! Add rice, finely chopped courgette, a finely minced garlic clove, chopped tomatoes and half a stock cube into a microwave-proof dish. Ping through the microwave and add on some grated cheese for the last 30-40 seconds so it goes golden and extra delish!


You don’t ever need to make an entirely separate meal for your student guest than you’re going to enjoy yourself – instead, just include them in your usual family meal. We encourage all hosts to try out British cuisine and talk through the ingredients and traditions behind British food with their guests, so they can really get a taste of what us Brits enjoy on a daily basis. Why not include a supermarket or local market trip into your guest’s trip, too? It’ll be a great experience and really make them feel included in day-to-day family life! For more information about all things hosting, check out our FAQ.

Watch this space for more quick, easy and fun recipe ideas from HFS London. Your whole family will love them!

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