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The books of homestay accommodation agency HFS London are open as the demand for host families increases. HFS London offers homestays to students visiting the UK short-term for study or work placements. Traditionally, these students have been aged 18+. Recently, however, the trend is for the parents of junior students (aged 10-16) to request homestay placements for their children, as a way for them to truly experience local life and foreign travel, as well as immersing them into English to improve their language skills.

HFS London are scouting for host families able to accommodate junior students in several areas of London, including Brockley.

Why Brockley?

London is perceived as a big, bustling city that can be unsafe for lone travellers; and in lots of areas, that’s fair enough. Gentrification has largely shaped the city for residents, and in places there’s little to represent what London used to look like. Brockley, however, has escaped gentrification and remains a traditional residential area that gives a glimpse of the city of old… albeit with some nice coffee shops thrown in! Brockley is considered safe and family-friendly whilst remaining quite central. This makes it a rather popular area for requests of homestays – particularly for junior students.

What is there to do in Brockley?

Junior students tend not to travel alone. They are usually part of a larger study group of overseas students, facilitated by their educational establishment. They will, however, have free time on several evenings and sometimes during weekends across their stay. HFS London don’t propose spending time on costly activities for these, but instead integrating the student in your day-to-day. Give them a taste of British culture! There’s lots to do that will be brand new for your student, even if seems routine to you!

Shop local at Brockley Market

Situated in the car park of Lewisham College (which may well be where your student is studying!), Brockley Market is home to local traders offering seasonal produce as well as a variety of street food. The market stalls operate with cash only, so you can get some maths lessons in with the new currency for your student guest too!

Take a history lesson at the Rivoli Ballroom

One of the UK’s few remaining 1950s ballrooms, the Rivoli is a stunning backdrop for photos, dance lessons and film shoots. Nip by to watch dancers or even to give it a go yourself – the staff are really friendly and more than happy to give impromptu tours of the venue if they have time.

Become a Host Family in Brockley

The process to become a host family for junior student homestays is an easy one and needn’t be lengthy. Anyone living in the Brockley area with a spare (furnished) bedroom who is able to rent out their spare space is able to apply to join the HFS London property portfolio – just contact the team to indicate your interest.

Full training will be given, rent rates negotiated and an extended DBS check carried out, then as soon as you’re ready, your property will be listed for perusal by the families of junior students. Just let HFS London know when you’re on holiday or unavailable, and they’ll remove your home from the listings for those dates. We remain flexible throughout.

Speak to the HFS London team today and start your new year with a new adventure: helping nurture the character and experiences of junior students from all over the world! Feeling confident? Fill out our application form here and our team will be in touch in due course.

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