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London is the world’s number one study destination for international students, and at any one time plays host to over 100,000 students from over 200 different nations. With 45 universities, 30,000 courses and over £500 million of research income on offer, it’s easy to see why so many people choose the city as their temporary home. It gives them access to qualifications, experience and professional progress.

However, London is one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in. It’s not often that being a student is easily compatible with having lots of disposable income. Students from all over, therefore, strive to find more affordable accommodation options. They are turning away from standard short-term rents that can involve hefty deposits, complicated admin processes and time-consuming viewings. This demand has resulted in homestays growing in popularity. Homestay is where students ‘live in’ with a local family to immerse themselves in British culture. These host families are all over central London and don’t come with costly rates.

Why Finsbury Park?

Just up the road from Angel and west of Stoke Newington, Finsbury Park is in close proximity to central London. It is one of the only affordable neighbourhoods that boasts this feature. It is the domain of lots of families, new graduates and… Arsenal fans, who have the stadium on their doorstep.

Finsbury Park is a favoured homestay location for overseas students for several reasons. There are long-established Cypriot, Turkish and Ethiopian communities in the area, so students from those countries are often drawn to the neighbourhood for perceived safety and familiarity. Even those that aren’t find the location desirable. It’s well-connected transport-wise with tube, rail, bus and walking routes.

If the name didn’t give it away, Finsbury Park has its own green space. The park (Finsbury Park) is bordered on all sides by various residential areas. Property in Finsbury Park typically consists of Victorian terraced houses. In recent times, blocks of new-build apartments are also appearing alongside ex-local authority homes. All work well for families, and are spacious enough for a spare bedroom that can be given to overseas students.

When you are not studying, there’s plenty for you to do in the surrounding area of Finsbury Park. You don’t even have to venture into central London. As well as the football scene, the area is winning over redevelopment and commercial investment. This has ultimately bolstered a growing restaurant scene. It has also added leisure activities including tenpin bowling, cinemas and theatres. Moreover, there are festivals and other large outdoor events throughout the summer in Finsbury Park itself. The warmer months have a great buzz whilst Winter retains a more cosy atmosphere.

How to Become a Host Family in Finsbury Park

If you’re a homeowner in Finsbury Park with a spare bedroom, then earning some additional income by renting out that room to an international student is a very real possibility – and easily done! HFS London can first advise you of your home’s catchment area based on proximity to a transport station or hub. From there, the process to get involved in hosting students is initiated.

The HFS London team can either be reached by phone or online to express your interest. Hundreds of international students use HFS London to arrange their short-term homestays for college, university and professional placements every term. But this does mean demand is high with Finsbury Park being a ‘hot spot’. HFS London’s books are open to new high-quality properties and friendly host families in the area.

Not in Finsbury Park? Other neighbouring areas that are in demand for homestays are Manor House, Arsenal, Holloway Road, Turnpike Lane, Highbury & Islington and Seven Sisters.

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