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Cheaper Living in London 

Some of the most amazing tourist destinations are large cosmopolitan cities – which are unfortunately very expensive. Booking a city break in any European capital such as Rome, Paris or London can break the bank before you’ve even considered spending money. At certain times of the year you can take advantage of cheap flights, however factor in the cost of a city centre hotel or apartment and the prices of food and transport when you’re there, and you might not be able to afford the trip at all.

Thankfully, our travel experts are here to help you out! Follow this guide for making cities cheaper and you should be able to explore the world’s greatest urban metropolises for less.

Look for alternative accommodation

Even when using price comparison websites when booking hotels, staying at the heart of any city is ridiculously costly. The best way to reduce the price of the holiday is to explore alternative options. You could book a hostel, which is a popular choice for lone travellers – but if you value your sleep and don’t want to share a bathroom with 20 other people then this probably isn’t the right accommodation for you. Why not book a homestay instead? You’ll get your very own room just like in a hotel, but have the extra benefit of meeting local people and can even choose to have meals included.

Eat out once a day

You can limit your spending by being careful at restaurants. Try to eat in a restaurant only once a day, in the evening or at lunchtime, and at other times visit a local supermarket to stock up on snacks or buy from a bakery or fast food outlet. Also shop around for the best deals – many restaurants will offer a cheaper lunch time deal, so it may be worth enjoying the cuisine during the day and a picnic in the evening. Of course, if you are staying in an apartment or homestay you’ll also have access to a kitchen which can make eating more affordable.

Use public transport

When it comes to activities and sightseeing, don’t just buy the first tourist deal you come across. Shop around for the cheapest ticket, and always try and avoid a travel excursion. You can almost always make it cheaper by finding your own way there using public transport. Of course, in many cities you don’t even need to buy bus or rail tickets – walk or hire a bicycle.

Find free Wi-Fi

It may sound obvious, but always turn off your data in a foreign country or you could get a nasty surprise bill to pay on your return. Instead of spending cash on a public telephone, contact family and friends back home by finding public Wi-Fi spots – lots of restaurants, shopping centres and public attractions offer free Wi-Fi.

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