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Why Study English in London

As much of the world speaks English, anyone wanting to master the language has a whole host of locations to choose from. You can find native speakers all over the planet, from Canada to Australia and everywhere in-between, through colonisation of the British Empire. However, wouldn’t you want to learn Modern English from its original birth place, in England?

London is a fantastic city to visit, but it’s also a wonderful place to improve your English language skills. Studying English in London is an exciting challenge which attracts thousands of people each year. Whether you need to brush up your speaking skills or can’t speak a word of English and need to start from scratch, it’s best to jump in the deep end. Here are some reasons why London is the perfect place to learn English.

Surround yourself with the language

Living in London you’ll come into contact with hundreds of native speakers a day – and this will help you with your conversational skills. You’ll also be immersed into the British culture which is the best way to learn English. Of course, by living and learning in the UK you’ll also learn a lot on your own outside of classes. For example, picking up idioms and slang is an important element of the language which your teacher probably won’t teach you.

Multicultural city

It’s daunting living somewhere that doesn’t speak your first language, however there are thousands of other people living in London in the same boat. It’s one of the most culturally diverse places in the world, so people are used to talking with non-native speakers. You’ll meet loads of people from other countries who you can only converse with in English – which is the best way to improve and experience different cultures.

Friendly locals

With Londoners being accustomed to tourists from all over the world, you will find that the people here are open-minded and very welcoming.  The stereotype of the British “stiff upper lip” is much less noticeable in London.  London has had so much migration over the years that it is now one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world.  If you really want to improve your English, why not book your stay in London with a “host family”, where you will get the chance to speak to your homestay host(s) in English every day!

Travel anywhere

London has excellent national and international transport links. When you’d like to explore more of the UK, you can easily get on a train and explore Cornwall, North England and even Scotland. This gives you the opportunity to experience different accents and dialects, as there are many in such a small nation! The city also has great airport links so you can head off into Europe when you like, or fly back home for the holidays easily.

Opportunities for further study

Once you have completed your English course and have a good understanding of the language, you may decide to stay living in England. If you want to study at degree level, there are loads of British universities to choose from which welcome international students.

You can learn English anywhere in the world, but for a truly authentic and enjoyable experience, the best place is London.

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