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5 things to do in East London

East London is notorious for being the trendy side of town, a destination for hipsters and thrift shop lovers. However this area of the capital is an eclectic mix of cultures and the place where old mixes peacefully with the new. Whether you’re looking for a quirky café or some green space in the middle of the city, hop on over to the East End for a vibrant day out. Here’s our pick of what to get up to in East London.

Columbia Road Flower Market, Bethnal Green

An East London institution, this weekly flower market has been running since the 1800s. Every Sunday the pretty street gets overtaken by beautiful blooms, herbs and plants that guarantee to brighten up any city dwelling. There’s also lots of independent shops to browse, so this makes for a great start to the day.

The Victor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Hackney

Do regular museums fail to inspire your curiosity? Look no further than this intriguing collection of wonders and horrors. Motivated by Victorian ‘wunderkabinnets’ the venue showcases dodo bones, two-headed animals and celebrity faeces alongside McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. Thought-provoking and fascinating, the museum also hosts taxidermy workshops and lectures, and has a humble cocktail bar.

Theatre Royal Stratford East

This buzzing theatre has an impressive history, and a diverse programme to explore. We recommend Comic Mondays where you can see some of the best up and coming stand-up comedians for free. Cheer yourself up at the capital’s longest running free comedy night.

Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

When it’s time for a drink, why not stop off at one of London’s oldest pubs? Dating back to 1520, this is apparently the city’s oldest riverside inn and has some interesting tales to tell about piracy and smugglers. The drinking hole is popular with tourists and Londoners alike, and Charles Dickens himself was a regular.

Beach East, Olympic Park

Looking ahead to the summer, you’ll want to visit the largest city beach in the UK. Enjoy the longest days of the year at this man-made beach which offers beach sports, a paddling pool, funfair rides and of course a bar to complete your holiday vibes.

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