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Living with a Host Family

London is a wonderful place to experience student life, so we can understand why you’ve chosen to come to the city to study. London has an endless amount of activities and things to do, and it’s a diverse, cultured and interesting place to call home (even just for a little while!)

If you’re coming to London to study and live like a local, there’s no better way to feel truly at home, than by choosing a homestay as your accommodation choice.

What is a homestay?

Lots of people who live in London have spare bedrooms in their homes, and love the idea of welcoming a student into their house for the duration of their course.

You’ll rent out your room in their home, and live as part of their family while you study. It’s a wonderful way to get to know people in the city, and it’s a great way of finding affordable accommodation too.

What’s it like staying with a host family in London?

Your host family are the people whose house you’ll be staying in. They’ll be excited to meet you, and will try and help make the process of moving as easy as possible for you.

Host families in London often become great friends to our students, with lots of students staying in contact with their host families for many years to come.

Staying with a host family is a lovely way to feel at home, and to feel comfortable in London. Afterall, it’s a big city, and it can be a bit daunting moving somewhere without any friends of family close at hand. Your host family will act as your family though, and can help recommend places to you, help you understand transport, help you understand London life better, and even help you get your head around British culture.

Staying with a host family means you shouldn’t get lonely in the big city, and it’s always nice coming back to a home, instead of an empty house. You’ll also get to practise your language skills too whenever you speak to your host family!

But it works both ways, and your host family might also want to learn from you too, as many of our host families will be excited to learn about your culture and your home. It’s a great chance to tell them all about where you’ve travelled from and how life is different. They may even ask you to teach them some of your language, which is fun and can really bond our students and host families together.

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