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November events in London

Although Winter doesn’t technically start until December in the UK, November can often be misleading. The weather will come as a shock when the month begins to reciprocate December and January temperatures of sub 10 C. “So what on Earth can I do in November?” I hear you ask. As a student you can do pretty much anything you like. Luckily HFS London have got your back on this one and the team have come together to compile their ideas on next month’s offerings. So take this free list of things to do in London and go enjoy your stay!

HFS London’s recommendations:

Mariame recommends: “Black history month”

Although technically in October, many Black History Month events will run on it to November and they are not ones to miss. Catch the performance “Some Like it Hip Hop” by Zoonation at the Peacock Theatre in Holborn. Or test your two left feet at an Afro contemporary dance class a little further down the road on Keeley Street.

Katie recommends: “Ice skating”

There are no shortages of ice rinks in London. It’s October and they have already started springing up in various places. Check out Time Out’s article for the nicest, iciest places to skate this Winter.

Ollie recommends: “Moving to Mars Exhibition”

The design museum in Kensington is usually not too crowded. It provides the perfect escape for a place to be inspired without the chaos of more central museums. They often hold special, temporary exhibitions that are well worth seeing. November’s exhibition is about humankind’s “inevitable” mass exodus to Mars. If it is even a patch on the previous exhibitions then it’s one not to be missed. Otherwise the rest of the museum is free to the public. Escape the cold and grab a coffee in the nearby cafes. More information here.

Arthur recommends: “Park walks”

Arthur often attests to the peacefulness of squirrel watching in St. James’s Park. It can round off a day of sightseeing in Westminster quite nicely. If this is not what you had in mind then he also recommends the walk through to Greenwich Park from Blackheath. Because it’s quite chilly at this time of year, you won’t find the droves of other tourists and the views of London will be there for you to marvel at in peace. You can also treat yourself to a glass of mulled wine or a brandy-spiced apple.

Rosie recommends: “Umm…a walk in the park?”

Thanks Rosie.

Paul recommends: “Crystal Palace Park Fireworks”

You’ll be hearing fireworks every night for the rest of 2019. Your homestay should provide the perfect solitude if you’re not into this kind of thing. For those that are, check around for local fireworks displays and find a good place to view them from. They’ll mostly be free. If you want the bar to be set higher and you’re willing to pay a little extra for that to happen, then head over to Crystal Palace Park for a pretty hectic display. More information here.

We’re all quite busy finding everybody a warm homestay this Winter but you should find an abundance of information on the internet – specifically Time Out. If you are after something more photogenic to add to Instagram or to show your family back home, you can’t really go wrong with Lord Mayor’s Show and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. As a student you’ll have the advantage of visiting all the above during off-peak times. We’re pretty jealous…


The best thing you could possibly do in November is to book a homestay with HFS London. Our hosts know London better than anyone and will help guarantee you a memorable experience here. Availability is becoming limited but we still have a handful of enthusiastic hosts looking to take people in this November and December. The team are always ready to help if you have any questions.

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