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Basic tips for living abroad

Moving to a new country is a daunting experience, especially if you’re doing it alone. Whether you’re moving to study or to be with a loved one, the first few months are crucial for your happiness and success in your new home. You’ll face many challenges, from learning the new language and culture to missing your family back at home. However it may be the best decision you’ve ever made. Here’s some helpful tips if you’re planning an international move in the near future.

  1. Keep important things with you

With a big move, you’ll have to ship some of your belongings over and it could take a while. This means you need to decide what you can and can’t live without for the first few weeks. Pack a range of different clothing but also think about the personal things you will want with you to remind you of home, such as photo albums and your favourite blanket. You should keep expensive valuables such as your laptop, jewellery and other technology with you in hand luggage during the flight.

  1. Sign up for a language class or book club

If the country you now call home doesn’t speak your first language, then you need to pick it up fast. Signing up for a language class should be a priority, and you may meet people just like you to make friends with. If you think you’ve mastered the language beforehand, then find a book club to practice your skills.

  1. Embrace the culture

In your first week, try your best to live like a local and have an authentic experience in your new home. Try the cuisine, play the national sport and visit places of interest in the city you’re living in. There’s not much point in moving overseas if you’re not going to adapt your lifestyle.

  1. Research medical services

As soon as possible after arrival, it’s a good idea to find out where your nearest doctor, hospital and pharmacy is. Medical services in your new country will differ greatly from home, and you may need to sign up for some sort of insurance or be prepared to pay for healthcare.

  1. Sort out accommodation in advance

Finding permanent accommodation in your new country of residence isn’t going to happen overnight, so make sure you plan ahead. For the first two weeks or so, book into a hotel, apartment or homestay while you find your feet and look for a place of your own. There’s nothing worse than landing in a foreign country and not having a roof over your head.

If you’re worried about moving to a new country, talk to our friendly team today who can arrange your accommodation for you. That’s one thing ticked off the list!

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