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Cutting student costs – UK 

Studying abroad as a foreign student is an amazing opportunity, but unfortunately it can be very expensive. The cost of studying abroad can put people off or in some cases, students are simply priced out of the experience depending on the location. Some countries are more expensive than others, but moving to a European capital like London or Paris to go to university can be eye-wateringly costly. Is it possible to reduce the cost of studying abroad to make it easier for foreign students?

The answer is yes. While you can’t get a discount of the fees of the course, there are ways to make living cheaper. Many international students in the UK are also allowed to work part time during their period of study, which helps students contribute to their living costs. If you’re looking to reduce the cost of living and studying in a different country, follow these top tips.

Choose your institution wisely

Depending on which course you wish to study, there will be many education institutions in the country which offer the same qualification. Some of these will be much more expensive than others, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the cheaper colleges are worse than the pricier ones. Make sure you do your research before picking your course including the course fees and cost of living in the area.

Shop around for accommodation

Choose the student accommodation recommended by the university and you will undoubtedly get stung. Student flats near the campus can set you back hundreds of pounds a week in London which really isn’t feasible unless you have millionaire parents willing to foot the bill. Shop around because there are many different options, including house shares and homestay accommodation. With a homestay you’ll get your own bedroom in a friendly local’s house, with meals included if you hate to cook!

Cash in on student discount

As a student you’re eligible for loads of great discounts so make sure you sign up to as many student organisations as possible. Flash your student card for discounts off food, high street clothing stores, transport passes and more. Living as a student really is cheaper!

Learn how to cook

Eating out and getting takeaway adds up – it is crucial to limit your spending on food. To do this, you need to find the cheapest supermarkets and know how to cook a range of dishes from essential ingredients. Stock up on dried foods like rice and pasta which keep for a long time, so you only need to buy fresh fruit and veg to share with your roommates.

Do you have any tips to reduce the cost of studying abroad? Let us know.

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