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Accommodation for Business trips London

As a global business hub, London attracts hundreds of thousands of business travellers each year. Whether it’s for an important meeting, a research trip or for attending a prestigious trade show or event, the capital is a melting pot of international businesspeople.

Of course, all of these corporate visitors need a place to stay while in London, and as one of the most expensive cities in Europe accommodation doesn’t come cheap. Companies travelling in a large group to London can have a hefty expenses bill for even a short business trip. Finding a central hotel which is comfortable and affordable is a difficult task.

There are alternative options for business travellers, some which companies may have never considered. For example, with the rise of Airbnb and other holiday rental websites, it is sometimes more cost-effective to put colleagues together in a large house or apartment rather than paying for separate hotel rooms. Alternatively, organisations can offer their staff a cultural and comfortable stay by booking a homestay experience.

Homestays offer high quality accommodation in highly sought after locations at competitive prices. While they are mostly booked by foreign students, they do offer a range of benefits that will be unique to a corporate booking.

Zoned locations

One of the big benefits of a homestay over a hotel or serviced apartment is the location. HFS London have properties in zone one and two, and all across London, so we can match you up with the best location for your needs. For example if you need to be near The O2 exhibition centre or stay close to the airport, we can assist. When it comes to group bookings, some of our hosts have more than one bedroom available and we have clusters of properties so the group can stay nearby to one another.

Point of support

Staying with a friendly local host has a whole world of advantages! They will be your point of support throughout your business trip, helping you with local transport, sightseeing tips and recommendations for restaurants, shopping and nightlife. By staying with a host family you can also experience a cultural exchange, learn more about living in the UK and maybe even make a friend of life. If you visit London on a regular basis you could request the same property and host.

Property options

Of course, companies want to ensure that their staff are well looked after in high quality accommodation. All of our properties have been thoroughly inspected, and the size of the bedrooms provided are usually of a larger size than a budget or mid-range hotel. On booking you can also choose whether you require a private bathroom, an en-suite or a shared bathroom.

Planning a business trip to London? Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will send over our suitable properties for you to browse.

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