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Our Favourite Study Abroad Programmes

London is a city like no other, and studying abroad in London is an experience you’ll never forget. There is so much to do in this historic, fascinating city – it’s definitely somewhere you’ll want to explore every corner of during your time.

London is fun, welcoming and has something for everyone. If studying abroad is one of your goals in life, then there’s no better place to do it than in London.

For American students, in particular, the Study Abroad programme is ideal. London universities and colleges have a wide range of flexible Study Abroad Programs for American students who want to study in the UK and gain credits towards their final degree. There are loads of options to choose from, and you can even choose whether to study abroad for a full year, or just for an individual semester. The flexibility of the Study Abroad programme means you can really tailor your experience to suit you.

So what kind of Study Abroad programmes are available in London? Here are some of our favourites.

International Politics at The University of London

Where better to study international politics, than in one of the most political cities in the world. London is a political hub, and studying politics here really brings the subject to life. There are plenty of options available within this course itself, such as Comparative Political Economy, Comparative Asian Politics, Global Governance, Politics of Forced Migration and International Politics of the Middle East. There are so many fascinating angles to this course, and you’ll be taught by some of the best political minds in the UK. When living in London at your homestay, you could also ask your host to recommend the best political attractions in the city to visit too – such as The Houses of Parliament, and the various political headquarters.

History at Goldsmiths University

Goldsmiths University is a hub for the creative and academic and is known for being one of the top universities in the UK. The history module for the Study Abroad programme lets you take an in depth look into a lot of UK history, as well as other global events too. Some of the topics they cover are; the history of violence, Britain through the lens, Ethnic conflict in modern Europe and histories of sexualities. There are many more than these, and each one is as fascinating as the last. Where else is better to learn about history, than a city as historic and prominent as London?

Arts, Culture and Media at King’s College, London

There are many fascinating modules to study with Arts, Culture and Media at King’s university and we think they’re all fascinating as the last. One of the most intriguing modules we spotted was ‘21st Century Hollywood and the Cultural Politics of Identity’ which is an in-depth look at modern ‘celebrity’ and how it can affect the masses. The concept of celebrity is such a huge part of modern life, and this course explores how 21st Century Hollywood has been changed by that. There are also modules on ‘Underground American Cinema’ and ‘American Popular Culture’ which would be very interesting to study from a British point of view!

Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway of London

The Department of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway, London is an internationally-renowned learning department, excelling in the quality of their teaching and research too. This particular module/ course offers incredible insight into earth sciences, and also provides a stimulating and supportive environment for students to grow their knowledge, passion and interest in the subject. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded scientists, who want to explore, discover and research with you – which leads to amazing friendships and powerful learning.

Social Marketing at The University of Greenwich

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in marketing, and how you can market ideas to create positive change – this course might be what you’re looking for. This particular module based on social marketing seeks to help students understand how to use marketing tools, and skills, and how to use them effectively – especially when driving specific messages of campaigns. The course will enable students to critically evaluate their understanding of conventional marketing, but also help them develop an insight into the industry and critically evaluate marketing campaigns. The course aims to make students critical thinkers on issues of social, ethical and environmental importance. So if you plan on changing the world one day – maybe this is the course you should be signing up for?

Which course do you like the sound of the most?

Have any of the courses we listed above caught your eye?

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