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Free English lessons for international students

You don’t need to speak perfect English to study in the UK or to stay with a host family through HFS London. However, it always helps to brush up on your skills. London is an expensive city to live in, and you may already find that you’ve budgeted out your available funds as much as you can. But rest assured, there are lots of ways of receiving free English lessons – so read on for info on how, and get to work!

Oxford International Teacher Training

This school actually teaches teachers primarily, rather than students! Oxford International Teacher Training trains up the highest quality TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers. This means free lessons delivered by those still in training. These trainees are by no means beginners though with teachers at pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels.  As such, you know that you’re receiving top quality lessons from qualified mentors.

The lessons offered through Oxford International Teacher Training are free and take place in Greenwich, London. The credibility and prestige of English classes studied through this school are high enough that there is a waiting list – so it’s worth signing up on their website to register your interest even before you travel to London.

British Study Centres: School of English

Hampstead-based with other locations around the UK, British Study Centres offer free English lessons delivered by teachers-in-training. Each class is observed by a fully qualified assessor to ensure standards are high and all information given is correct. The teachers are usually studying toward their CELTA (the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). In many cases they are already qualified teachers in other subjects, and sometimes, elsewhere in the world. English classes come in courses rather than individual lessons, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive a really well-rounded English education rather than anything piecemeal.

Free English courses with British Study Centres are only available to those over 18 for now. There may also be a small joining fee may be payable to register as a member of the Centre.

ih – International House London

International House London offer a whole host of low-cost English lessons to international students. Classes are entirely free for refugees, those seeking asylum, or anyone over the age of 65. These are the cheapest English lessons offered by a formal educational facility that we could find in London. That’s not to say that the quality is poor: there’s plenty of good reviews online!

Courses last four weeks and include vocabulary and grammar study as well as conversation speaking practice with the teacher and other students. There’s a four-hour a week commitment, split into two two-hour lessons. These can be either two evenings a week or two afternoons a week. There are various level-based classes available and if you’re unsure of your existing English capability, there’s an online test on the International House London website to help advise you.

Staying with a British Host Family!

Of course, one way to improve your English for free is to thoroughly immerse yourself in the world of English language speaking. We believe that staying with a host family during your stay in London works wonders to do just that! The English phrase is “being thrown in at the deep end”. It may seem daunting but it’s truly the best way to pick up on vocabulary and colloquialisms.

HFS London scouts only friendly and personable host families who are patient and have experience in dealing with those who don’t speak English as their mother tongue. If you’re unsure of any words or phrases used just ask. Don’t be afraid to spend some time talking, writing and listening with your host family when you’re not studying. A classroom education will only get you so far –  living with native English speakers can give you a real advantage.

No matter how advanced or technical your English speaking is, there’s always more to learn as language evolves and changes. Unless you live in the UK and speak it at least part time, it’s likely you’ll lose a grasp of street slang and current phraseology and vocabulary. Learning a language is a continuous process rather than a one-off study, and a true linguist understands this. Strive to continually improve your skills in and outside of class. It’s only a matter of time before you’re speaking like the queen!

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