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Hola! As a Spaniard, you may have seriously considered studying in London for many reasons. It is, after all, one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, not to mention hugely popular with international students, more than 100,000 of which flock to London every year.

Studying in London

There are many different ways in which you could join the vibrant student body already enjoying life in London. There’s no doubt that you could run into many challenges in your attempts to both become a student in the city and adapt to life there, but we can help to guide you over the hurdles.

Do you meet the criteria?

If you have yet to enter higher education, you might be considering becoming a London student through the traditional route of, quite simply, applying for one of the many degree courses run in the city and then organising your accommodation if you are successful.

Do you have a particular course at a specific university in mind? If so, look up the listing for that course on the institution’s website to learn the entry requirements. Spanish qualifications which could help to see you accepted onto a London university course include:

  • Curso de Orientación Universitaria
  • Título de Bachillerato
  • Selectividad
  • Técnico Especialista
  • Técnico

On the other hand, you might be nearing the end of an undergraduate course in your native country and want to take up a postgraduate option in London. You could unlock that possibility if you attain a sufficiently high grade in one of the following qualifications:

  • Licenciado
  • Título de Ingeniero
  • Título de Arquitecto

If you are still in the early stages of an undergraduate course, another route to London study is opting for a placement under the Erasmus scheme. This would let you, from your second year onwards, spend three to twelve months of your current course overseas – and, specifically, in London.

Accommodate your accommodation needs

Once you know that, in your case, the option of studying in London is definitely on the table, you can move to arrange where exactly you will stay in the capital. At HFS London, we allow you to take the “homestay” option – but what exactly does living in homestay accommodation entail?

If you apply for the accommodation through our site, this kind of stay will involve you living with a homestay “host” and their family. It is perhaps as close as you will ever get to knowing what day-to-day living in London is really like for permanent residents of this awe-inspiring city.

The comforting “home away from home” feel could be especially fostered by the host. This will be someone who we have met and inspected to ensure that you can have faith and trust in them. They could even point out errors in your English or familiarise you with unjustly overlooked local sights.

It’s simple to reserve your accommodation through our site. You can start by clicking the green “BOOK HOMESTAY” button on our homepage before filling in and submitting the application form.

Become accustomed to British culture

Though your host family might be able to prepare you for various idiosyncrasies of British culture, the process can be a two-way thing; you could teach them some amazing things about Spain! In doing so, you could help them to realise many of the cultural differences between Britain and Spain.

It’s worth taking note, for example, that mid-day naps are not as everyday an occurrence in the UK as they are in Spain. Furthermore, the British weather isn’t quite as consistently sunny as what you might have taken for granted in Spain. Expect a lot of rain…

However, there remain notable similarities between London and comparable major cities back home. Both UK and Spanish cities are resplendent in stunning historical sites and landmarks, while both Brits and Spaniards love festivals, of which the music type is especially common over here.

On top of all of that, as London is renowned for its dining scene, you might not be surprised to learn that Spanish cuisine remains in abundance around the city. For that, you can thank the healthy supply of Spanish restaurants, which aren’t limited to just one specific part of London.

Make yourself at home in more ways than one

London is undoubtedly a very happy city, too – and, given the ready availability of Spanish food and joyous party atmosphere, you might sometimes forget that you aren’t in Spain. However, as a Spanish student, you also need to get down to work – and your host family could help you with that.

When you use the HFS London site to apply for homestay accommodation in London, expect us to soon email you with details of accommodation options to your potential liking. An especially soothing atmosphere at your temporary home could help you to work in peace.

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