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Recipes for Homestay Hosts – January

Homestay family hosts have the choice of offering three board options to their overseas student guests: B&B, half-board or full board. No matter what you choose, hosts are never expected to create entirely separate meals for their guests and instead can just make more of whatever they’re already cooking up for their own dinner! 

A cooked dinner is included with both the half and full board options, but unless you’re a homemaker or work from home, it can be difficult to find the time to make anything complicated. Fear not: HFS London have you covered with our guides to quick, no-fuss recipes that can be easily made at home without specialist equipment or knowledge.  

Homestay recipes

Asparagus Cream Pasta


Asparagus are in season in May, so grab some from your local market and getting cooking up this easy pasta dish!  

Prepare a bunch of asparagus whilst in a pan bringing a tub of double cream with two (whole) garlic cloves in it the boil. Cook the asparagus stalks in boiling salted water for 4-5 mins, drain, and tip into the cream-garlic mix. Blend. Cook your pasta however the packet tells you to, and chuck in the asparagus tips 2 mins before the end. Drain, and mix everything. Top with parmesan or other grated hard cheese if you have it. Simple! 

This is suitable for vegetarians and can be made vegan with the relevant dairy alternatives.  

Huevos Rancheros


This classic South American breakfast makes for a great meal any time of the day, so don’t limit yourself just to mornings. It takes about 10-mins to cook… so you can make more quickly when you finish the first lot fast! 

Heat a spoonful of oil in a frying pan and add a tortilla for a minute before flipping. Allow to crisp at the edges, then pop onto a plate. Crack an egg into the same pan and cook how you like. Drain off a tin of black beans, add a squeeze of lime (or a lot, if you like it!) and mash gently with a fork. Spread the beans over your tortilla and top with your egg, some slices avocado and some sprinkled feta. Another squeeze of lime, and you’re good to go! 

Huevos Rancheros is vegetarian, and other leftover mashed veg or spices can be added in to taste. 

Peach and Chickpea Canned Curry


A super quick and easy curry, this can be made from canned goods you probably already have in and as a curry, will pretty much always stretch to an extra portion! This is a meat-free dish but you can add in any meat leftovers you have to bulk it out. 

Boil a can of drained chickpeas for 10 mins, and while waiting for them to soften, finely chop an onion and garlic clove. Fry gently over a low-heat and add in a pinch of chilli powder and cumin. Pop the onion and garlic mix into a bigger pan, add the (drained) boiled chickpeas and a tin of drained peaches. Pour in a can of chopped tomatoes and add in more chilli to taste. Crumble in a stock cube and leave to simmer over a low-heat for half an hour. Serve with rice or naan bread for an easy and delicious curry dish!  

This curry is great because you add in most meat and veg leftovers and thicken with whatever you like. Get experimental! 

What’s your go-to family recipe for a great dinner? Let us know, and we’ll share onward with other homestay hosts! Not yet hosting? Reach out and I’ll team will get in touch.

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