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Increasingly, international students are choosing to stay with local families in the UK when they visit for study or work placements: to give them an authentic and unique experience that helps them really understand British culture and immerse themselves in the way of life, a travel experience that can’t be achieved when staying in a hotel or hostel. 

Clapham, perhaps the most central family-oriented residential neighbourhood in London, is a popular choice for overseas students to stay in. HFS London has a variety of host families on its books already, but due to an increase in demand, we’re looking for new families with spare rooms to join the team; and make some money doing so! 

Why Clapham? 

There’s no doubt about it: Clapham is ‘cool’ at the moment! A great mix of residential, commercial and green areas, Clapham is still central enough to feel part of the capital whilst having all the home comforts you need nice and close by. As a fairly safe area and a neighbourhood full of diverse families, it’s considered a great place to live – or, if you’re visiting, to stay. Altogether, this means we’re seeing more international students than ever request to stay in Clapham. 

What is there to do in Clapham? 

Living in Clapham likely means that you spend a lot of time in the area without really thinking about it, but do you ever consider what’s on in the area for those that don’t live there? Even just going to the supermarket in a foreign country can be a new and interesting experience to those that haven’t done it before, and the following are activities we recommend taking your student guest/s to if you have some spare time. 

Enjoy the fresh air on Clapham Common

There’s plenty of green areas in south west London, but Clapham Common is undoubtedly the best! A huge park with lots of different walks to enjoy, there’s always people about and things going on; and its even fun for a spot of puddle jumping in the more typical British wet weather! 

Shop local at Venn Street Market

Situated at the top corner of the Common, Venn Street Market is a great example of a typical London market and is fascinating for those who haven’t experienced a good cockney market before. Its open every Saturday between 10-4 and is a veritable haven for fresh food, so nip along to buy the best in local baked goods, fish, vegetables, fruit and cheese. There’s no need for a supermarket on a Saturday in Clapham! 

Cuddle dogs and eat burgers at Brewdog Clapham Junction

A smaller and more family-friendly pub than most Brewdog bars, the Clapham Junction bar has a great food and drink menu that caters for all kinds of dietary requirements. Its also dog friendly, so you can snuggle up to pups while you enjoy the pub – win-win! 

Check out regular events happening in Clapham here.

Become a Host Family in Clapham 

Do you live in Clapham and have a spare room? If so, you can register to join HFS London as a homestay host family and earn money renting out your spare bedroom to international students on a short-term basis. Our team are on-hand to guide you through the process and support you through every homestay you host; and we can even introduce you to existing homestay host families to discuss experiences and tips. Email or call us to chat and we’ll add you to the community of Clapham host families as soon as possible.  

Not in Clapham? HFS are also looking for hosts in neighbouring Brixton, Putney and Fulham.

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