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Group accommodation UK

If you’re visiting London in a group, there are quite a few accommodation options to choose from so it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each. Most tourists look for cheap hotels in the first instance, but it’s almost impossible to find an affordable hotel room in a good city location! Additionally, booking separate hotel rooms for a large group can also be a logistical nightmare.

For community groups or school trips, hostels are often a better suited accommodation option. With a large number of beds in each room, it’s easy to keep the group together and dorm rooms are a lot cheaper than private rooms in hotels. As well as hostels, travellers can opt for a homestay which is another ideal option for large groups. Both types of housing offer a different experience, so read on to find out which choice is best for you and your group.


When booking any type of accommodation, safety is a priority, especially when travelling in large numbers. Keeping everyone and their belongings safe is vital, and sometimes hostels are not the safest option. Every hostel is different, but you never know who you might end up sharing a room with – there is no guarantee it will just be the people in your group. There is also the issue of theft to worry about – even if lockers are provided it might be impractical to try and fit everything in there when you’re out of the room. Homestay accommodation offers the perfect halfway point between hotel and hostel; it is more affordable but offers the same security as a hotel or B&B.


If you’re visiting London for an educational visit or a special event, then the location of your accommodation will be important. Transport in the city is good – it’s easy to get around but it’s also quite expensive. Choosing the right location is vital for getting the most out of your trip to London. Homestay accommodation is divided into the transport zones, so you know before you book where your host is based. There are various hostels around the city to choose from too, just be sure to look up the neighbourhood and transport links.


Because hostel accommodation is also budget accommodation, the facilities are not usually of a high standard. If you think this could trouble some of your party, then a homestay is probably a better option. Staying with a Londoner in their home offers more comfort and privacy, and in some cases you might even have your own bathroom – or at least only have a couple more people to share it with. All of the homestay properties at HFS London have been thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet our customers’ requirements.


Pricing for homestay accommodation varies depending on which zone you’d like to stay in and which meal plan is required. Hostels in London on average cost upwards of £15 per night in a shared room, some which offer kitchen facilities for self-catering. Your own room in a Homestay starts at £19 per person per night, for self-catering or bed & breakfast.

If you have reasons to keep your group together all in one property, then a hostel is the best option. However, if you think your party would appreciate better facilities and the option to have meals included, then staying with a host in a homestay is a great alternative which could even work out as better value.

If you are interested in finding out more about booking homestay accommodation for your group trip to London, then take a look our past post on affordable group accommodation in London and our group homestay bookings page for much more information.

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