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Hosting Overseas Students – Stratford

London is not a cheap city to live in. But it is one of the most desirable. With its vast array of further and higher education facilities combined with its practical and professional opportunities, London is the perfect international destination for students of all types and backgrounds.

To compromise on cost but avoid the trappings of cheap and often unfurnished, basic student accommodation, homestay has become a popular option for students wanting to live in the city. This involves them moving into a home with a local family (often just during term time, but sometimes longer). It’s a great chance to really immerse in British culture whilst maintaining the time and energy to study thoroughly and get plenty done.

Stratford is an increasingly favoured area for student homestays, so HFS London is always on the lookout for new host families in the Borough.

Why Stratford?

The 21st Century has been kind to Stratford, as the 2012 London Olympics saw the area become heavily invested in and regenerated with millions of pounds of injected cash. This has resulted in a diverse and safe cultural hub for commercialism, community and leisure that remains just five miles away from central London.

There’s certainly no shortage of things to do with Stratford. It’s a hive of activity every day of the week (and year!). Westfield Stratford is a shopping mall unrivalled by others in the capital, and includes numerous bars and restaurants, hotels and even a casino. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park plays host to a variety of events year-round. During Summer, tourists come from far and wide to visit. Add in the cinemas, bowling alleys and boat tours and it’s easy to see why Stratford is becoming a hub. It even boasts the biggest tunnel slide in the world.

The multi-culturalism of Stratford makes it a popular option with overseas students giving it a safe and homely feel. HFS London has always found that host families in Stratford are amongst the friendliest and most personable that London has to offer!  All of this adds to the general consensus that Stratford offers a perfect home away from home.

What’s more, the regeneration of Stratford has seen many families move into spacious, comfortable new-build homes. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of London’s core but retains its own energized personality. Even those whose home has escaped gentrification now find themselves close to a range of amenities and attractions. This adds an element of desire to homes that has seen property prices in the area skyrocket!

How to Become a Host Family in Stratford

HFS London is always happy to receive applications from hosts looking to welcome overseas students for homestays based in Stratford. You can find more information on how to apply and what’s involved by giving the HFS team a call.

We’ll also be able to tell you roughly how much you could be set to earn. Feeling confident? Just fill out the application form online and we’ll get in contact.

Not in Stratford? Other neighbouring areas that are in demand for homestays are Leyton, Leytonstone, Mile End and Bethnal Green.

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