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HFS London are seeking host families across the capital to host international students who are attending work or study placements in the UK and are looking to achieve more from their stay than could be done on a standard school exchange. In particular, we’re looking for families to accommodate young students, aged 10-16, who will be travelling as part of a larger study group into London but would benefit from staying in a family home over a shared dormitory provided by their school exchange programme.

Thornton Heath is just one of the residential areas that we’re seeking hosts in. All accommodation is paid for and the hosts will be directly compensated for their space and hospitality.

Why Thornton Heath?

When parents send their children to study in the UK, they do so for a variety of reasons: not least of course, that English is one of the word’s most spoken languages and that London is a thriving and bustling capital of culture, business and education. Our educational institutions are ranked high and well respected worldwide, so it’s a natural choice for many; and in some cases, offers opportunities that simply can’t be afforded closer to home. Thornton Heath is in the midst of the capital but remains a safe, welcoming, multi-cultural primarily residential area – which is why it’s so popular with those looking for homestay accommodation. They feel they can trust the residents whilst still ensuring that their child will really ‘experience’ London rather than just staying there.

What is there to do in Thornton Heath?

It’s easy to forget when you live there that Thornton Heath does have some local attractions! With child students, these easy-to-do activities can really help give a flavour of living in Britain.

Get some fresh air at Miller’s Park

Miller’s Park is a great place to walk a dog, throw a frisbee or have a picnic, to experience some beautiful British greenery even while in the one of the busiest cities in the world. Feed the ducks and take some time to bond as a family and with your hosted student outdoors here. If the weather’s nice, you could even help them work on homework or brush up their language skills al fresco!

Take part in a family cookery class at Yuki’s

An Airbnb-style experience, local Yuki is an expert in Japanese cookery and opens up her home kitchen to those wanting to learn more to hold informal cooking classes. She can adopt the class to suit all age and ability ranges and will only charge based on time and ingredients, so this makes for a great out-of-home experience the whole family can enjoy!

Bethlem Museum of the Mind

A bit further down the road is a fascinating museum for those interested in art. Expect thought-provoking exhibitions!

Puzzle solve at Operation Escape

Central Londoners don’t often get the chance to frequent areas of southern London. So there is stuff that will be missed. Including Operation escape which is a bit further afield in Bromley. If the student staying with you has a good level of spoken English, a family escape room can make for a really interesting activity to take part in. You have one hour to get out of the escape room through a series of puzzle solving activities and must work together to reach the end. This is a great treat for all involved and will keep you all occupied… for at least the hour.

Become a Host Family in Thornton Heath

If you live in Thornton Heath and have a spare room, becoming a host family could be a superb way to earn some extra income. Call or email the HFS London team to discuss launching the application process and get on your way to accepting paying customers! An Enhanced Homebased DBS check is involved for homestays for u18s and there will be some basic training to undertake, but our expert team will talk you through it all and keep you informed and involved every step of the way. Happy hosting!

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