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London is a huge city which is constantly busy day and night. However, if you’ve come to the capital alone and don’t know many people then it can feel overwhelmingly lonely. There are millions of residents in London, but you might not be able to call any of them friends. It’s also notoriously difficult to get chatting to strangers – especially on the tube! So how do Londoners make friends?

Make Friends in London

Luckily there are lots of ways to make new mates without public transport being involved. The great thing about London is there is always something going on, and so many different cultural events to get involved in or try out. If you’ve just moved to London and would like to get to know some new people, here are some ideas from city dwellers.

Join a class

You can make friends and learn something new at the same time if you join a local class. It could be a fitness class at a leisure centre, a social salsa lesson or a calligraphy course. Whatever you might like to try, just give it a go and have a friendly conversation with the other participants. If you mention you’re new to London they may offer to show you the sights and the best bars or coffee spots in the neighbourhood. From foreign languages to flower arranging, what will you discover?  Check out City Lit college in central London for an amazing variety of classes.

Get a lodger

Living alone in London is pricey, and can also get quite boring. If you have a spare room, why not find a lodger? You could advertise to share your home with an international student or anybody else looking for somewhere to stay or live in the capital. Hosting students or tourists is a great way to make friends.

Know your neighbours

You’re likely to have a lot of close neighbours in London, and many of these could turn into close friends. Why not organise a meeting or have an open house and invite everyone on the street or in your block of flats? You could introduce yourself to the neighbours and see if any of them are likely to become friends. You could start by discussing local issues, and then see if you have anything else in common.

Organise a social event

The best way to meet new people is by organising an event yourself. Everybody will speak to the organiser to thank them! Organise a social for a group of people you already know, such as work colleagues. Plan going for Friday drinks after work, or if you’re a stay at home parent then plan something with the other parents you see in the playground. Alternatively, how about planning an event for your church or community centre? You’ll get yourself known and you’ll be much more likely to make friends with those who you see regularly.  If you are looking for some inspiration to get started with a social event, look into MeetUp and Eventbrite.

Once you have one or two friends, ask to be introduced to their friends and you’ll soon have a large circle of associates!

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