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Making friends abroad

If you travel alone, then you’ll probably be eager to make friends along the way. There’s only so much sightseeing and exploring you can do alone before it gets a bit boring. Usually, if you visit tourist hotspots then there will be plenty of other lone travellers you could potentially meet – but it’s finding them that’s the trouble, especially in large cities like London. Follow our tips for finding some mates on your travels – and not just good mates, but lifelong friends who you’ll stay in contact with.

Join a local language class

If you’re visiting a country where you don’t speak the mother tongue, give it a go at a language lesson. Not only will you improve your language skills which will make navigating the country a little easier, but you may also meet people just like you who are travelling and trying to connect.

Don’t isolate yourself in a hotel room

Staying in a private room in a hotel is possibly the worst way to meet people! There are many options for lone travellers, including couch surfing or booking a homestay. If you decide to stay in a local’s spare room, you will have a trustworthy guide to the city. After spending time with your host, you may become really good friends and invite them over to your home one day – it happens a lot! Additionally, they may introduce you to their circle of friends so you can instantly meet a bunch of friendly people just by choosing homestay accommodation.

Social media

If you head online you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities there are to meet people in your location. Search for forums and groups about activities in the area, or ask questions on Twitter and Instagram using hashtags. You may find some people are willing to meet up, but be careful about who you agree to meet as they are strangers. There’s also certain apps and sites such as EatWith which are worth a go.

Be open to eye contact and conversation

The world is becoming more inward, which means that meeting new people in public is difficult. However, you need to look approachable to be able to speak to strangers and start a conversation. Be alert and look around for other people who may be alone and willing to chat, whether it’s in a coffee shop or a park. Basically, don’t always have your nose in a book or a laptop and you may find meeting people comes more naturally.

Follow these tips and you shouldn’t feel lonely when travelling, wherever you are!

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