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London Accommodation on a budget

Most visitors to London opt for hotel accommodation for their trip to the UK’s capital city. This is one of the most expensive and impersonal accommodation options that can be chosen.

How much does a London hotel cost?

Hotel prices in London currently average £135 per night and cost significantly more if you are staying in very central London. It is true that London has a plethora of high quality hotels for the less budget conscious traveller.  However, if you happen to fall into the opposite category then there may not many budget options available to you.  London remains one of the most expensive cities in world for accommodation.

How therefore can you visit London and save money on accommodation?

There is a growing trend in London for hosted or “homestay” accommodation.  This is where travellers share accommodation with their host for a more personal experience of life in London. For the host it is a great way to earn a second income, whilst for the traveller it is a significantly less expensive option than a hotel or serviced apartment, for example.

Is Homestay a new concept?

Brits have been taking in paying guests for a long time.  The concept of “homestay” started many, many years ago with families all over the UK hosting overseas students to earn additional income from spare rooms.  Students from all over the world still come to the UK to learn English today.  They do so to get an authentic experience of life in the UK, and improve their English as well.

Homestay today is no longer just limited to student guests from overseas.  As many interns, tourists, travellers and professionals today choose homestay for the same reasons that international students have done for years.

What are the benefits of homestay accommodation?

Booking a homestay for a short stay will almost always be considerably cheaper than a hotel.  It is especially good for those looking to find medium term accommodation in London, say weeks as opposed to months.  Staying in a hotel in London over weeks will quickly add up.

For some it may be a leap of faith to choose hosted (or homestay) accommodation in a city like London over traditional, more generic options such as hotels.  That said, more and more people are jumping in with both feet. The newest generation of travellers, often referred to as “the millennial generation”, are more adventurous than previous generations.  They are open to less traditional ways of traveling. The idea of sharing the home of a local host does not put them off.  In fact, travellers all over the world now actively seek out the unique and more personal travel experience that the hosted (or homestay) accommodation experience offers.

Today’s travellers want information quickly.  The prospect of being able to ask their host where the nearest restaurant is, and get that information in 20 seconds, is better than the prospect of doing 20 minutes research online.  If host and guest share interests or hobbies in common, or just “click”, then many stay in contact for a long time after their homestay comes to an end.

How do I find out more?

If you are planning to visit London and wish to explore hosted (or homestay) accommodation as a cheaper/ more budget option for your stay in London, then have a look at our How it Works page.  Here you will find more information on homestay accommodation as a short term option for your trip to London. You can also meet some of our hosts and view some example homestay accommodation too.

Homestay prices start from less than £20 per night for 1 person in their own room in London zones 4 and 5. A homestay accommodation in zone 1 or 2 would start from around £30 per night for 1 person in their own room.

Compared to alternative London accommodation options therefore, homestay could well save you a small fortune, especially in a city like London.

If we can help or advise in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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