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As a study agent, you want to ensure you’re providing the best recommendations, suggestions and solutions for your students. In your role as a student advisor, you will know that studying abroad is a daunting and exciting time for your clients. Students are putting their trust in you to provide solutions to things like (i) choice of course (ii) visas and (iii) housing and accommodation. A large part of their enjoyment and happiness rests on your shoulders and on the recommendations that you make.

Choosing a Homestay Partner

So how do you know when a homestay partner is right, and how can you know which companies will reflect well upon you?

Here at HFS London we provide housing and accommodation solutions for international students, and a large part of what we do if often referred through our valued study agents and partners. We value all feedback given to us, and through working closely with everyone involved (agents, students and homeowners) we’ve created a process that works really well and makes students happy.

We offer a variety of homestay choices

A big part of choosing a homestay partner, is ensuring they have enough choice and variety for the students you represent. Students have different needs and different budgets, and we can cater to wide range of checklists. We even offer catered and non-catered options, which many students really value.  

HFS can accommodate adult students and juniors (under 18s), and have a database of host family accommodation that covers London zones 1 to 4 (north, south, east and west London).

Handpicked homestays

We don’t rush any homestay pairings, and our team always consider each application carefully in line with British Council guidelines for host families. Each student that is placed with us is given though, consideration and the attention they deserve. All of this ends up in a successful placement, and a happy student.

Our hosts aren’t just ‘landlords’

The people we work with at HFS London aren’t just typical ‘landlords’. This means that your students will be made to feel at home, and will feel happy and comfortable in their temporary home, with their temporary family. The hosts that work with us are keen to get to know their students, enjoy their company and make friends.

Our hosts go through a thorough application process

All our hosts go through our application process, and all our hosts have to also be inspected. This adds an extra layer of security to our students, and it means we can be completely confident in the wonderful hosts working with us.

Remember – When you recommend a homestay partner to your students, you’re giving it your seal of approval, so it’s so important to ensure the company reflects your own business in a positive way. We’ll be happy to talk through our process with you if you have any questions, and we’ve built our business upon the values and standards we, ourselves, would expect.

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