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Introducing our partners 

HFS London work with a range of schools, agencies and charities around the world. Our aim is to provide people from all backgrounds with an opportunity to experience homestay in the UK. One thing we seek to challenge is the increasing cost of accommodation in London. Finding comfort, flexibility and support within accommodation in central London is something a little hard to come by. However, our homestays are there to provide an affordable solution.

One charity in particular places those willing to lend a helping hand to local communities through voluntary aid with families across London.

Volunteer in the World

An Italian charity based in London, Volunteer in the world promotes volunteer projects in the UK and various other countries.

Volunteer In The World helps the general public: people interested in volunteering, charities, and NGOs interested in being our partners, and local communities (around which they are located).  It helps volunteers in finding the ideal volunteer project for them. It helps its partners to achieve their goals with the support and help of its volunteers. And finally it helps to make a positive impact on local communities through the collaboration of volunteers and their partners.

Volunteer In The World brokers a relationship between the volunteers and volunteering organisations so that each organisation acquires a volunteer who wants to support them in what they do. It focuses on the promotion of active citizenship, promoting volunteering for public benefits (for volunteers and local communities).”

– Elena Massari, Founder

In 2016, Volunteer in the World signed a partnership agreement with HFS London to ensure their volunteers are met with a welcoming, supportive family in London at a great price. Volunteer in the World provides people with the opportunity to help. Across London, there is room for opportunity in charity shops, theatres and more for around 20 hours a week. We encourage anyone looking to support the charity, be it students, workers or interns, to apply for a volunteering role in one of Volunteer in the World’s many projects.

Find them here. 

Homestay for volunteers

HFS London and our hosts provide homes not only for international students but for anyone looking to experience London. We have found accommodation for thousands of interns, travelers and volunteers similar to those helping Elena.

Our team are ready to answer any questions you might have. So give us a call or get in touch via email or fill in an application form so that our team can find you the perfect homestay.

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