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London Homestay – Zone 1 

As you probably already know, London is one of the biggest – and most expensive – cities in the world. Finding central accommodation within budget is a challenge for many students and expats coming to live in the city. If you want to be in the centre of all the action, then you need a Homestay in London zone 1.

Where is Zone 1?

London’s many boroughs are split up into zones according to the underground map. Zone one is central London, where all of the different tube lines meet. Because you would be living right next to the best transport links and the city’s main attractions, zone one is highly sought after – but it’s also the priciest zone to live in.

Zone one includes areas such as Elephant & Castle, London Bridge, Waterloo, Marylebone and Edgware Road.   Many people work and study in zone one, but it is also the most popular area for tourists to visit and the streets and transport networks are constantly busy.

Tips to find Homestay in Zone 1

If you’d really like to live in zone one here are some top tips for finding a homestay:

  1. Apply early

Remember that zone one accommodation is like gold dust – so you’ll have to be the early bird in order to catch the worm. As soon as you have your college or university place confirmed, contact us to apply for your homestay and let us know the area you’d prefer.

  1. Be flexible

There will be less choice available in zone one, so you can’t afford to be fussy when it comes to the type of property or the people you’ll be living with. Be open to living with pets and young children, and you may have to agree to a shared bathroom rather than a private one. The more flexible you are with living arrangements, the more likely we’ll be able to match you with a suitable homestay in your desired area.

  1. Be realistic

If your heart is set on zone one, then be realistic about your budget. A homestay in zone one will cost upwards of £220 per week, and it may not be as spacious as the homes you’ll find further out in the suburbs.

A lot of people are determined to live in zone one when they come to London, but we always recommend you keep your options open. Zones two and three are just nearby and offer a lot more choice. London has one of the best public transport systems in the world, so there’s no harm in living a little bit further away from your university or college – you should still be able to travel there in under half an hour. Plus, other zones have benefits such as being less crowded and having a community feel. Call us today for more information about the zones of London and the homestay accommodation available.

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