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The name ‘Streatham’ translates directly from old English as ‘the hamlet on the street’, and even today this South London district remains primarily residential and is considered a great place to raise a family and to live within easily travelled distance of central London. Centred exactly 5 miles south of Charing Cross, it sits below the River Thames and can boast fantastic transport links alongside its own town centre and high street. 

Identified as one of the ‘major centres’ of the capital in the Mayor’s London Plan, Streatham is becoming increasingly popular with overseas visitors looking to stay somewhere in London that’s really ‘local’ and not too tourist-y. One such group of international visitors to the UK are ‘junior students’ – that is, students aged 11-16 who are on temporary study placements at British schools or colleges and need somewhere to stay for the duration of their studies.  

Why Streatham? 

Of course, when it comes to the travel for students aged under 18, everything is usually organised by their parents. This is the case for those staying in the UK through HFS London too, and as a result of parents looking for somewhere considered safe, family-friendly and convenient, we’re often given Streatham as a preference. This means that our books are currently open for new host families in Streatham, so anyone willing to rent out their spare room and nurture and feed a junior student while they stay in the UK can now apply to help! 

What is there to do in Streatham? 

Chances are host families will have a junior student living with them over a weekend as well as days where they’re required to go to school or college, so there will be a degree of entertainment to provide too. This doesn’t need to be anything overly structured or costly, as all are experiences of British life (yes, really!).  

Discover the hidden garden in The Rookery

Situated at the top of Streatham Common, The Rookery hidden garden is a quick climb up the hill but definitely worth the ascent! It’s quintessentially English, perfect for a place to take in some fresh air and can be found just behind the café… so you can enjoy a quick cup of tea too! 

Explore English cuisine at the Farmer’s Market

The weekly Farmer’s Market that happens every Saturday is the ideal place to do a spot of shopping for your weekend groceries. Discuss recipes, learn new words and experience new tastes by talking through items with your student guest, and pick up what you need for your dinner. Of course, while there you can mosy down Europe’s longest high street and grab whatever else you need too. 

Ice skate all year round

London has surprisingly few permanent ice rinks; particularly compared to the number of ‘pop-up’ rinks that appear every November and December. Family sessions suitable for all ages are available at discounted prices in the evenings and at the weekends. Of course, if your student guest is from a colder country then you may need to prepare to be upstaged with their skating skills! 

Become a Host Family in Streatham

Those wishing to become a host family in Streatham can contact HFS London to lodge their application immediately. An Enhanced DBS check will be carried out and full guidance will be given. There’s no obligation in just speaking to the HFS London team, so by all means phone to ask any questions or raise any concerns that you may have. We’re here to help!

Want to know more about what is involved in hosting junior students? Check out our help page here.

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