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Why study overseas

A period of overseas study can completely change your life, whether it’s a six month exchange or a full undergraduate course lasting three years or more. Not only is it a chance to experience different educational styles and courses, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to see new places and meet people from around the world.

Choosing to study abroad could broaden your horizons and create new opportunities which aren’t available in your home country. Of course it is a difficult decision to leave your family and friends behind, but it could be one of the most valuable experiences of your life. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider studying overseas.

Sharpen your language skills

If you can enrol on a course in a country with a different language, you can really boost your language skills – and your CV. Foreign languages are always in demand and living in a different country can fast-track your learning. Every day you will have to communicate in the dialect and even consuming the local media can help you to learn a new language or become fluent if you already know the basics. Studying abroad and immersing yourself in the language is the best way to hone your skills.

Experience a new culture

One of the biggest advantages of overseas study is soaking up a new culture. You’ll be outside of your comfort zone but apparently this is where the magic happens! Experience new foods, customs, traditions and perspectives in a different country. Living with a host family can nurture these opportunities and improve your cultural experience.

Develop independence

Nothing is quite as scary as moving to a new country on your own. You will develop resilience and independence to get you through those hard times, which can really help personal development. You will learn to overcome problems by yourself and will no longer rely on anyone else, which is a great attribute to have.Travelling and studying to gaining independence

Meet new people

Studying abroad will open up opportunities to meet all different kinds of people from a range of cultural backgrounds. Many people make lifelong friendships with the people they become close to, such as their host or classmates at college or university. Don’t forget that many people will be in your position and will appreciate someone to talk to.


A study abroad programme can help you see the world and have lots of adventures. For example, if you study in London it is easy and inexpensive to travel to many other countries during your time off such as France, Spain and Ireland. Make the most of being in a whole different part of the world!

Studying abroad could change your life. If you need a place to stay, why not consider homestay accommodation? Everything you need to know is explained on the Students page.

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